Justified by God and Not Ourselves

Justified by God and Not Ourselves

WHY so much emphasis on Justification?

  • Justification is the ROOT which FRUITS of Sanctification grow. (Piper)
  • Half-truths masquerading as whole truths are whole lies. (J.I. Packer)
  • Calvin refers to Justification and Sanctification, the “Double Gift”.

WHAT is Justification?

  • Being Counted as Righteous because of Jesus.
  • Use example of 3 people to demonstrate the difference between Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification.

 Justification in the Bible 

  • No man is righteous. Psalms 143:2 / Romans 3:10
  • Jesus came to Justify Us. Isaiah 53:11-12 
  • He is the Justifier. Romans 3:26
  • Justification by Faith. Galatians 2:16
  • Justification by Grace. Romans 3:24 
  • FAITH – Our TRUST and CONFIDENCE for our justification are in HIM.
  • GRACE – None of our MERIT justifies us.

The Justified vs The Abominations –Luke 18:9-14/Luke 16:15

  1. Abominations
    1. Pharisees
    2. Rich Young Ruler
    3.  Older Brother
  2. Justified
    1. Tax Collector
    2. Blind Man
    3. Prodigal Son

What Now?

  • PEACE – Romans 5:1
  • HUMILITY – Romans 3:27
  • UNDERSTANDING – Romans 3:28 / Romans 4:2 (James 2:24)

Henry Barnes – Martyr (Died in 1540)

  • “Scripture says that faith alone justifies because it is that through which alone I cling to Christ. By faith alone I am partaker of the merits and mercy purchased by Christ’s blood. It is faith alone that receives the promises made in Christ. Through our faith the merits, goodness, grace, and favour of Christ are imputed and reckoned to us.”
  • “There is none other satisfaction unto the Father, but this [Christ’s] death and passion only… That no work of man did deserve anything of God, but only [Christ’s] passion, as touching our justification… For I knowledge the best work that ever I did is unpure and unperfect… Wherefore I trust in no good work that ever I did, but only in the death of Jesus Christ.”


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