I Am The Good Shepherd – Part 2

I Am The Good Shepherd – Part 2

In John 10 Jesus tells us that He is the good Shepherd of His sheep, and one way that He demonstrates this good shepherding to us, is that He calls us by name and we get to hear His voice and follow Him.
We see many examples of God calling people to His purpose for their lives, hrough the Scriptures, from Adam,to the Churches in the book of Revelation.
Three examples I would like to look at are, Samuel, Elisha, and Paul.

In 1 Samuel 3 it is written that when Samuel was only a young boy, God spoke to him in the night.
This voice was a clear call over Samuel’s life and gave him a message that was about to change His life and set him on the course toward God’s purpose for his life.

In Kings 19 it is written how Elijah fled into the wilderness from the wicked queen Jezabel after God had proved His power through him on Mount Carmel. So the LOrd told Elijah to go through his coat over a man called Elisha. Elisha was plowing his field with a yoke of oxen, but when Elijah threw his mantle over him, Elisha knew God had called him to serve with Elijah.

Apostle Paul
In Acts 9 we read that Saul ( Paul ) was very zealous for God, as he understood Him. He was breathing out threats and murder against the disciples of Jesus, believing they were heretics.
As he was busily and determinedly going about this business, the Lord got His attention on his way to Damascus.
There He heard Jesus call him, and later through Ananias, the Lord revealed more of His purpose and plan for his life to him.
Paul’s own testimony of this is written in Acts 22 and 26. In Chapter 26 Paul testifies to King Agrippa saying; “Therefore, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.”

These are only three examples of John 10 being fulfilled in men whom God called and following the call changed their life radically and influenced the course of history.


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